This is the Fait A La Maison privacy policy to explain how and why we use your personal information. It’s important, so please read it and make sure you control your privacy. Our website is not intended for use by children who are under 16 years of age. We know you are busy, so to help, our policy is in quick read format.


Our privacy principles

  • We take your privacy seriously.

  • We are committed to protecting the security of your personal information.

  • We comply with data privacy laws when using your personal information.

  • We only use it for lawful reasons you expect or that we explain to you in this document.

  • We will limit our collection and use to details we really need or which you have provided.

  • We will explain your rights to control your personal information to you and how to use them.


Quick read: Privacy Policy Summary


We want you to understand:


  1. What personal information we collect about you and where we get it from

  2. What we do with your personal information

  3. Who we share your personal information with and why​

  4. How we keep your personal information secure

  5. How long we keep your information and why

  6. Your rights and how to use them

  7. Other details you should know​


1. What personal information we collect about you and where we get it from


We collect most information directly from you when you order or buy from us. We get technical details from the devices you use to access our website and from cookies which tell us what you look at online, where and when. Like most other websites, our technology also lets us know when and how you use our websites, such as when you have added to or abandoned your basket or filled in a form.

The personal information we collect and use will depend on why we need it. 


Sometimes we are given information about you unexpectedly, such as from the police, organisations and agencies trying to prevent threats and fraud, and from the public.



2. What we do with your personal information


We need to collect and use lots of information about you so that you can use our website to buy things from us and learn about our offers and new arrivals. We also need to use some details to prevent and detect fraud.


We look at and learn from your browsing, shopping and how you respond to our marketing to understand what sort of customer you are and predict what products we have that you may also be interested in. We try to show you adverts and offers we think you will like tailored to you based on stuff like your location, including what we know about you through our website and other websites you visit, relying on the extra understanding about you which ad providers and social media platforms have collected with your consent.


Our use of your details will depend on you and what you are doing: browsing or buying, if you are new to us or a registered customer. 



3. Whom we share your personal information with and why


We use suppliers and service providers, such as for delivering orders or dealing with card checks and payments. These include other group companies and external contractors. We only share the personal details they need to know for their services and we make sure your privacy is respected and protected.


We share personal information with third parties when you have told us that we can share, or them that they can share, or you agree we can share your information, such as social media platforms or Google, so our adverts are shown to you.  

We will provide personal information about you to the police, fraud prevention and credit reference agencies when we have to by law, or when we deem necessary to prevent fraud.  If we decide to reorganise or sell all or most of our business, your personal information may be transferred to the buyer of the business but we will never sell your personal information to third parties for them to market their products to you.


4. How do we keep your personal information secure


Our people understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure. We take steps online to keep our records secure.



5. How long we keep your information and why


We will only keep your personal information for a limited period of time. This period will depend on a number of reasons, such whether we still need to deliver to you, or you have an account with us, or we are providing ongoing customer care to you. Sometimes we must also keep your information by law, to deal with a regulator or where required by our insurers. We delete your personal information at your request where possible and we won’t keep it for longer than we should or need to for the provision of a service and for communicating with you.



6. Your rights and how to use them


You have rights to find out about how and why we use your personal information and to control its use. These include rights to access and correct your details, in some cases to ask us to limit or stop our use of them and even to delete them.  Where we use your personal information based on your consent, you have the right to change your mind and you can always unsubscribe from our direct marketing to you, by simply clicking unsubscribe in a marketing email, or in this policy.  


Your privacy matters, so we have appointed a Data Protection Officer and have a Data Protection Team to help. You can get in touch with our Customer Care team for help with data protection matters at

You also have a right to complain to the UK’s privacy regulator should you feel your rights or the law has been compromised.


7. Other details you should know.


Our privacy policy explains how we are responsible for using your personal information. If you would like to get in touch, you can write to us at: Fait A La Maison, 46 Silvermere Drive, Ryton, NE40 3HA, United Kingdom. You can also email us at

From time to time we will update this policy. We’ll always send you a copy in the event of material change but if minor changes are made, we won’t bombard your mailbox. You can, of course, check back here for updates in the mean time!