Fait A La Maison is a concept that was brought together by our Creative Director who spent 16 years working in fashion, retail and marketing for some of the UK's leading retailers. The British brand was inspired by her travels around Greece and her love of contemporary design. 

Our jewellery is designed to be an extension of the person wearing it and is designed to be taken from day into night. Each item is designed to be worn together, which makes it unique. We focus on classic and contemporary designs with a passion for minimalist jewellery that has an understated elegance.

Having travelled around Greece and falling in love with the people, place and culture, we decided to create a brand which reflects our strong desire to travel and our love of nature. Over the years we have created a strong bond with some of the locals in Greece whom we now work closely alongside with, bringing you authentic Greek materials; such as beads and charms; from across the Mediterranean to here in the UK. 


We value timeless designs, quality and authenticity and most of all we love jewellery. We are passionate about what we do and try to share our love with our customers.